Headquarters Guarding Division

Is responsible for business promotion and placement of personnel with the help of sophisticated office automation system including computers under LAN environment and modern telecommunication system. This wing maintains a Data Bank of qualified persons in the field of security, who are inducted after orientation and brief refresher training.

Special Security Wing

Under highly experienced security professional, carried out threat assessment and survey of the facility/plant or factory to provide protection. Threat assessment is discussed with the Chief Executive and once finalised, a cost effective security plan to counter the assessment threat is evolved.

Recruitment Wing

functions under a comprehensive recruitment policy to ensure a wide base and to provide the right mix of personnel for its clients to ensure Total Security. The professionals manning this wing, in addition to being experts in security, are also experts in human psychology and personnel assessment.

Training Wing

is staffed with professional security experts to keep themselves abreast of latest developments in security techniques. Preinduction and orientation training is provided to security guards, supervisory staff and security officers before placement. In addition, continuous refresher training is imparted to all personnel of the Company to keep them abreast with the latest security techniques. The emphasis is made on “ON-THE-JOB-TRAINING”.


This Division is headed by trained Professional Detectives who are active members of various international organisations. The specific requirement of the client is studied and identified in the first meeting and thereafter investigation commences in a planned time bound manner. Detailed plan of surveillance and investigation is maintained of honesty truthfulness, accuracy and confidentiality of each case, to use computerised control.

Surveillance and Investigation

Apart from institutional security, FLASHCLOUD also offers a wide range of investigative service which includes Insurance Investigation, like enquiry into fraudulent burglary, riots, fire, death, arson and compensation claims.

Matrimonial Investigation

which includes investigations into polygamy, dowry death, divorce and so on.

Missing Persons Investigation

ncludes missing Indian or foreign national, locating kidnapped children, adolescent runaways and Pre-employment Screening.


Specialised surveillance services and results with proof by highly mobile crack teams.

Undercover Agents

For collection of intelligence data about union activities and all kinds of information useful for management.

Other Services

Protection against Gheraos, Frauds, Intimidation, Patent/Trade Mark Infringements as well as pre-strike information Electronic Gadgets counter measure and so on.


Headquarters Specialised Task Division

consists of Security Professionals, who undertake specialised security tasks required by the clients. All the assignments are accepted only after careful examination of the case and all our efforts are made to produce the results to the satisfaction of the clients.

Executive Protective Wing

specialises in providing protection to clients as per their individual requirements before provisioning the services of this Wing, each case is examined carefully keeping in view the threat to the Executive. Only after detailed study and discussion the protection plans are drawn. Those are mix of overt and covert protection plan.

Aviation Security Wing

is highly specialised wing with professionals exposed to Aviation Security. The group is capable of taking up all aspects of Aviation Security from identification to planning and execution.

Cash Carrying Wing

comprising of cash carrying van with armed guard and Radio communication, with the back up support of special task force, responsible for successful cash carrying operations.


This Division keep itself abreast with the latest developments in security devices. The Division is manned by security professionals with in-depth knowledge of electronic security systems. The group develops cost effective integrated security systems as per the requirement of the client to achieve maximum security on minimum cost.


This Division is headed by the experts in security designing & other skills specially trained in U.K. This Division provides the services in security designing, security audits, risk analysis, loss prevention management training to senior & middle management in offices, business and commercial organisations.

This division have the expertise to identify the areas where these losses are occuring to help the management in reduction of losses.


Our mission is to be recognised as the world leader in integrated security, which includes cash and valuables, guarding, alarms and training services.

We will be a profitable organisation which:
  • Values and develops our staff.
  • Anticipates and meets challenging customer needs.
  • Have long term relationships with our customers.
  • Makes maximum use of new technology.