Mr. Rahul , the Founder as well as Managing Partner started the operations of the group in 1998 and has successfully steered the group for the past 20 years. He possesses the grass root and vast experience in security and manpower supplay with specialization and practical experience in Industrial Security.

The Flashcloud Security Pvt LTD (Regd.) group is a pioneer and leading Security and Manpower provider in India capable of providing a total security and Manpower Supply services to its varied clientele like Government, Semi-Government Undertakings, Banks, Industrial Houses, Multi-National Companies, Private Organizations like Hospitals, Factories, Academic Institutes, Residences and other Departments.

The company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 with its Head Quarters at Hathras and AdminPLOT NO: 221, VILLAGE GOVINDPUR ,POST-KANJAULI ,SADABAD, HATHRAS (UP)- 281306. Apart from the company’s permanent staff, it has the services of experts on retainership as advisors and consultants in Business and Commercial Security, Industrial Security, Manpower Supply, Personnel Management and Finance

To serve and support the requirements of the client all in house resources of are combined and put together to successfully achieve the objectives of the assignment. The reason we stand tall from our competitors is that we are equipped with high tech equipments and have the flexibility to deliver a high level of professional services through our qualified Staff.

We endeavor to provide the best services by closely monitoring, and supervising each security personnel deployed by us. Our operations teams carry out site visits and random inspections on daily basis. We pay to our security personnel the best wages along with statutory benefits which in turn helps us attract the best manpower in the sector.


UP the MELTING POT” has brought along with its rapid industrialization, a huge influx of Migrant Workers, many of them illiterate and whose antecedents are not known. They are here to seek their fortune. What does seeker of fortune do when his hopes are dashed to the ground? He becomes disillusioned, and seeks an easy escape route by trading on the path of crime. His need/ greed and get rick quick ideas lands him into the laps of drug lords, extortionists and criminal elements. Small wonder that today, UP is known as the NEW York of India. Thus even though we have an efficient Police Force, the rising crime graph proves that they are under manned and hopelessly outnumbered. This then leaves a vacuum, and the responsibility for protecting the lives as also the property of the citizen falls equally on the shoulders of Private Security Agencies.


This is difficult to answer, since many of these so called agencies save a few were set up by slum lords, hood lums and history sheeters with no formal education, knowledge and expertise in the field of security and related systems.

They are the ones, who are desperately seeking to gain credibility in society. Have these character changed their old ways? The answer is Big No. How can one the entrust their lives and properties to these elements? It has here that a reputed Agencies like our steps in with a total commitments to safe guard the lives and properties of the citizens.

Our’s is an agency effectively managed by Army EX-Officers and CIVILIAN having years of experience in the field of Security and Security Systems.